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Green Heating

    Go Green Express in Newburgh serves the Valley in all aspects of green heating, specializing in condensing boilers. Owner Ed Wolfe explains that a conventional boiler works much the way as boiling...

Beyond gas and oil

    There is a growing interest in alternative home heating options in the Hudson Valley. With advancements in  technology as well as Federal and State incentive programs, there are now more affordabl...

Electric Sunshine-Solar Power in the Hudson Valley

What do you do when the State Transportation Department demolishes your town hall as part of a road-widening project? Town leaders in Esopus decided to look on the sunny side, and now the municipality...

Hudson Valley Mid-Summer Bounty

High summer is here and the fields of the Hudson Valley are overflowing with fresh goods. Our ample farmlands provide us with fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grass-fed meats, and more. And many ma...

Solar for you

Ready to bring solar power into your home? If federal and state tax credits aren’t incentive enough to invest in solar, you may be curious to know how you can “sell back” solar energy to Central Hudso...

Burgers with a Kick

Ingredients: 1½ pounds ground turkey  ½ cup finely crushed tortilla chips 2 large Portobello mushrooms, gills scraped, mushroom caps and stems diced 1 large egg, beaten 6 tablespo...

The Green Car Guru

By his own estimation, in the last couple of years, John Voelcker has written close to a thousand articles about cars that use alternative fuels. A good portion of this reportage is done in his capaci...

Your "Green Car" Guide- The Tesla

  Here John Voelcker from, discusses the Tesla electric car. Read on for your car guide! (John talks about the Volt) (John talks about the Leaf) (John talks about the Pri...

Your "Green Car" Guide- The Volt

  Here John Voelcker from, discusses the Volt. Read on for your car guide! (John talks about the Tesla) (John talks about the Leaf) (John talks about the Prius)

Your "Green Car"- The Leaf

  Here John Voelcker from, discusses the Leaf. Read on for your car guide! (John talks about the Volt) (John talks about the Tesla) (John talks about the Prius)

Your "Green Car" Guide- The Prius

  Here John Voelcker from, discusses the Prius. Read on for your car guide! (John talks about the Volt) (John talks about the Leaf) (John talks about the Tesla)

Beyond the produce aisle

Dutchess County Arlington Farmers Market, at the corner of Raymond and Collegeview Aves., Poughkeepsie. 3pm-7pm. Thursdays, June to October. Beacon Farmers Market, at waterfro...

What's New?- Go native with bee balm

Hudson Valley gardeners continue to discover the virtues of plants indigenous to our region. Bee balm (Monarda didyma) was used by Native American tribes for a variety of purposes, from dressing wound...

What's New?- Water, boys and girls!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Or, as we used to say, Drink lots of water. Do it in style and without generating plastic waste in your choice of material. Sigg bottles are made in Switzerland from a singl...

Hug a state park today

May means the Hudson Valley’s hiking, biking, and outdoor exploring season is well under way. As many of you are aware, that season narrowly escaped a knife to the heart. The vital organ in ...

It’s raining, it’s pouring –make a rain garden!

I was introduced to the rain garden concept three years ago. As a master gardener volunteer with Cornell Cooperative Extension in Ulster County, I was able to take a training class through a joint pro...

Choosing plants for your rain garden

I have to admit that I am a plantaholic. I find beauty not only in flowers but leaf shape, color, and texture. I also find it hard to pass up something I haven’t grown before. Plants that originated w...

The true cost of food

Years ago I was a student in a small city in France. While I don’t recall much from my studies, I still vividly remember a gigantic strawberry tart my boyfriend’s grandmother made with berri...

How our gardens grow

Acouple of growing seasons ago, I put off my obligation to my Community Supported Agriculture co-op until late in the season, which turned out to be a good move. While my partner did her req...

Sustainable seeds, sustainable business

With so many seed companies around the country, starting one that focused on so few varieties was risky, but Hudson Valley Seed Library Owners, Ken Greene and Doug Muller, who now live in Accord, chos...

Every Seed Tells a Story

Six years ago Ken Greene decided to expand his home garden. Curious by nature, it wasn’t long before he was reading about the consolidation of seed resources and the subsequent loss of genetic diversi...

The Terminator

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What’s New?

New products spark ideas for 2010   We asked companies to share what’s new and unique to their product line. Some we highlight because they are fun while others because they reveal what is great abo...

Upgrading? Facts to consider

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your home keeps you comfortable in any weather. It’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to being green, heating your home isn’t about installing the big...

5 fixes under $50 that save money

Lighting: Save $70 each year Since each ENERGY STAR® CFL saves $30 over its lifetime, changing your 5 most-used bulbs can save you $70 in energy costs each year. Timers: Unplug and save By using...

6 easy ways improve the air in your home

Paint and caulk with low or no volatile organic compounds (VOC) products. These products, which homeowners can buy at any home improvement store or, should have the Green Seal labe...

Easy to use homemade products

Here are a few green cleaning solutions using products that are familiar to you: Mop floors, including hardwood, with a mixture of 1 to 2 cups of white vinegar in a bucket of extremely hot wate...

Green cleaning solutions

Home is where the heart is, but not if home is making you sick. That’s right — headaches, dizziness, constant sneezing and eye-watering can come from the smells and toxins inside your home. Maybe it’s...

Buying Green. What do labels tell us?

If the truth be told, I am not a great label reader. If I like the taste of something, I buy it. When I need cleaning product I look at those products that profess to accomplish the most outrageous ta...

Wanna be green? Every little bit helps

Certainly it’s not possible for everyone to adopt the lifestyle of Jonathan and Vicki Harkness. But everyone can do simple things to reduce their carbon footprints and conserve energy. Here are some o...

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