Finger-licking barbecue at Jackalope’s in Fishkill

Author: Leslie Cortes
Posted: Saturday, September 1, 2007
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Jackalope BBQ
717 Route 9

I had been told by a co-worker about an authentic barbecue place in Fishkill called Jackalope BBQ. Being a Southern girl from North Carolina, I am used to a barbecue that does not have a heavy red sauce sitting on top. I was hoping to enjoy some slow-cooked meat that was tasty, but not overwhelmed by its sauce. I got just that at Jackalope BBQ.

Jackalope is a small, clean establishment just big enough for about 10 tables. The music was upbeat but not too loud.
We started with an appetizer called a firecracker.

These are boneless chicken wings mixed with cheese and fried in a crisp wrapper. It was an unusual dish – cheesy and tasty, although the crust was a little hard for me in places. Overall, it was very good.

My daughter and I had a great time trying out all of the different sauces. I think we tried at least eight of them. My favorite is the Carolina sauce, which is a vinegar sauce seasoned with peppers. Delicious! My daughter liked the habanero sauce, which was thankfully not too hot to eat.

For her entree, my daughter went with the coconut chicken which was served with a mango dipping sauce. The batter on the chicken was nice and crunchy, and kept the meat inside moist. The sauce was mild, but flavorful. The mashed potato sidekicks were to die for. The baked beans on the side were in a nice sauce that was not too sweet.

I chose the Jacko’s Combo which gave me a choice of two entrees. I went with the pulled pork (one of my favorites) and the El Paso Baby Back Ribs. The ribs were so tender they fell off of the bone. All the bones went right into the paint can provided to catch them.

The pulled pork was juicy and very tender. I had the Carolina sauce on my pulled pork and it made me feel like I was back in the South. I had the fresh green beans for one of my sidekicks, which were sauteed in some olive oil with garlic. Wonderful!
The sweet potato fries were awesome as well. Very crunchy on the outside, smooth and almost creamy on the inside.
After all of that food, we packed up our leftovers and immediately asked for dessert.

Everything sounded great but we decided to have the fried pie – apples wrapped in a crust and stuck into the deep fryer. Delicious! The pie was served with vanilla ice cream. It hit the spot for the end of a wonderful meal.

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