An old favorite becomes new again

Posted: Saturday, December 1, 2007
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Greenbaum & Gilhooley's
1379 Rte. 9, Wappingers Falls

It has been almost a decade since my last dining experience at Greenbaum & Gilhooley’s in Wappingers Falls. I am not sure what has kept me away all of these years. On a recent trip down Route 9 the restaurant’s new orange window awnings caught my attention, and I knew I had to stop and catch a bite to eat.

On a recent Monday night, I stopped in with my boyfriend Rob and our friend Mike. It was late and the staff at the restaurant was probably ready to go home. However, we were greeted with a smile and seated promptly by our waitress. There were several patrons dressed in business attire at the bar, and several people eating in the dining room.
The dining room was dimly lit by what appeared to be old tavern lights, giving it an Old World charm. The wood beams above our heads were adorned with Irish pennant flags. The tables and chairs were wood, and they were nicely set for our arrival.

The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, with a touch of elegance.
Before we were even settled into our chairs, a basket full of bread and butter had arrived. The basket contained marble bread (swirled with cinnamon and raisins) and Italian bread, as well as Italian breadsticks – all fresh and delicious.

Our waitress took our drink orders and returned with them quickly to tell us about the seafood special, a lobster bake consisting of 1¼ lobsters, mussels, clams, shrimp and corn. It sounded so wonderful knew right away the seafood special would be making its way to our table!

The menu is composed of mostly steak and seafood, but it does contain children’s meals as well. We ordered stuffed clams to share as an appetizer. I ordered the regular cut of prime rib with a baked potato. Mike ordered the Maryland crab cake special, and, of course, Rob ordered the lobster bake.

At our request the salads were served before the appetizer. The salads were so fresh and crisp, I cannot tell you the last time I received a salad this fresh. The baked stuffed clams were the next item served. 

They came to the table with three small forks and three lemon wedges. The stuffing from the clams tasted just like the kind my mom makes. It had a wonderful homemade taste. The tops were perfectly browned, not too soggy, not too dry.

After we finished the clams our dinners were served up rather quickly. The prime rib was cooked just the way I ordered it. It was so tender I could cut it with a butter knife. The portions of Rob’s lobster bake were overwhelming (and the crab cakes, made with large bits of crab, were out of this world). The portions for all our meals were hearty and the food was delicious.

Our waitress never let our drinks go empty. When I requested some more Italian bread, she brought me a whole bunch, not just one or two pieces like most places.

Next it was on to dessert. I was full, but I felt the need to overindulge. The waitress read the dessert choices to us. It was a hard decision, but then she recommended Greenbaum & Gilhooley’s Mississippi Mud Pie. I am so glad we followed her recommendation. The Mississippi Mud Pie was made with Mocha ice cream, and an Oreo cookie crust, surrounded by mounds of whipped cream, and drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce. It was truly delicious!

Despite the fact that it was late on a Monday night, I never felt rushed. All too often I leave a restaurant convinced I could have cooked a better meal at home. This was a real treat, I actually felt like I could not duplicate their efforts. I will not be waiting another decade before I enjoy the exceptional service and delicious food of Greenbaum & Gilhooley’s!

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