The Wards Bridge Inn

Something for everyone

Author: Roanne Patterson
Posted: Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Ward’s Bridge Inn is a popular restaurant in Montgomery. The location has a long history. The current owners pride themselves on being able to offer a dining experience that agrees with most palates and pocketbooks.

First impressions

My friend and I walked in about 6:30pm on a Thursday. We were warmly greeted and seated in a cozy nook in a corner by some windows. The décor has a vintage feel. There are Victorian styled wall sconces and stenciled vines on the walls. Everything is clean, shiny, and attractively displayed. There is a wall filled with a display of old Grand Marnier bottles, reminiscent of an old country tavern.


We came ready to pull out all the stops and sample something from each category. My friend ordered the steamed clams as an appetizer. He found them disappointingly chewy and tough, but he did not want to send them back nor did he complain to the wait staff. For my appetizer, I picked the Seafood Bisque. It arrived piping hot and topped with pieces of shrimp. It looked attractive. It was also delicious and hit the spot.

The main course

My friend fared much better with his Duck Grand Marnier entree. He took one bite and was hooked. The crispy duck leg and breast were covered in a French sauce, a Grand Marnier demi-glace to be exact. The dish was topped with dried cherries. For my main course, I wanted a good meat dish. I selected the Lamb London Broil on a salad called Panzella. The Pskowskis took this traditional Italian salad of fresh tomatoes with day old bread, they gave it a Greek influence by adding feta cheese and red wine vinaigrette. The salad tasted great with my succulent, medium rare, sliced lamb.

Eat your veggies

As for the vegetables, ah the vegetables, we each had the same. This side dish was presented to us on warm plates with carrots, broccoli and mashed potatoes that were cooked to perfection.

Dessert anyone?

Next, we wanted dessert. We decided on a warm blondie with vanilla ice cream. The dessert chef says the blondie is made with butter, brown sugar, oatmeal, toasted ground hazelnuts, flour, baking powder, salt, vanilla, and orange zest. This delight was covered with a raspberry sauce and the smoothest whipped cream I have ever tasted. I usually manage to finish only half of a dessert, but I gladly polished off this treat all by myself. To complete the meal, I ordered a rich, dark roast Guatemalan coffee which was amazing.


Afterwards, I asked chef-owner Brian Pskowski what makes his restaurant unique. He says the difference is in the details. “For instance, I buy only local and the freshest of produce,” says Pskowski. “My purveyor will only select the best of the day vegetables and fruits that he can find. Sometimes that means we don’t have asparagus, but we do have green beans that day. We insist upon the highest quality of produce that we can afford.”

Reaching back into history

When the Pskowski family took the space over five years ago, it was known as CB Driscoll’s. The Pskowskis reached into the past and brought back the restaurant’s previous name. Those with long memories in the area will remember the original Ward’s Bridge Inn, which had a reputation as a grand establishment. As they continue to work on building a link between their restaurant and its famous past, the Pskowskis are also building quite a fine reputation of their own.

Overall, our meal was excellent and the service was good. Ward’s Bridge Inn is located at 135 Ward St. in Montgomery.

Roanne Patterson is a staff member at HV Life and HV Parent magazines. She enjoys fine dining. She enthusiastically contributes to our restaurant and product reviews.

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