Abundanza at Angelo’s

Author: Kristin Repicky
Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2011

The last time we ate at Angelo’s Trattoria in Harriman, my husband Tim and I were 2 days from getting married! That, was more that 3 years ago. So we felt a great deal of anticipation about this dining experience and we were not disappointed. The food at Angelo’s Trattoria is absolutely delectable, with a menu that offers all of the Italian favorites, from zuppa di pesce to zeppoles.

Getting ready

I called the same day to make reservations for 6:30pm. They had no problem making accommodations for 2 people on such short notice. We made sure to bring a bottle of wine, since they do not have a liquor license. To be honest, I prefer it that way. You are able to drink what you want and not break the bank. I chose a red wine that we received as a Christmas gift. 

When we arrived just before 6:30, there were already a number of cars in the well lit parking area.  Harriman is an old town with plenty of charming restaurants and shops. So even if you park far away and need to walk, there’s plenty to look at. Angelo’s has about 8 tables with seating for about forty. We chose a cozy table for 4 in the back.

Placing our order

Our waiter, who is the owner’s son, handed us some menus and explained the evening’s specials in great detail. Since I had been looking forward to this meal for days, I’d been giving a lot of thought to what I was going to get.  I was pleasantly surprised by the list of specials. What caught my attention was baked rigatoni with vodka sauce and spicy sausage. As we looked over the menu, our waiter brought a loaf of bread and a small plate of roasted red pepper pasta. The pasta was scrumptious with the warm Italian bread. After a few minutes, our waiter returned and took our order. We chose fried calamari as an appetizer. My husband chose Zuppa di Pesce and I ordered the rigatoni special.

Oh, the calamari!

We enjoyed the quaint atmosphere as we waited for our entrees. Within minutes, our salads arrived. It was a great way to start the meal, since the balsamic dressing was light and refreshing. The fried calamari arrived a short time later. My husband and I love calamari. Our appetizer had crispy batter with generous seasonings. The calamari was warm, but not too chewy. It came with marinara sauce for dipping and a lemon wedge. The portion was large. It was probably the best calamari we’ve ever had.

The main course

After 15 minutes, we’d polished off the calamari and had just enough time to take a deep breath, when our main courses arrived. Oh gosh, they were huge portions of piping hot pasta, sauce, seafood and sausage! My husband said the Zuppa di Pesce was delicious. His meal consisted of mussels, clams, scallops, and shrimp piled atop of a bed of spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce. His only complaint was that the tails were left on the shrimp, but all of the shellfish was cooked perfectly.  The sauce was a wonderful compliment to the seafood. My meal was incredibly tasty and full of sauce, just the way I like it. My rigatoni special was massive, probably enough for two people. The rigatoni was cooked al denti with a light, sweet vodka sauce and slices of spicy sausage mixed in. This wonderful dish was topped with melted mozzarella cheese. I was able to eat half of it.  I started to slow down, because it was quite heavy. I was  pleased to have leftovers, so I could bring them to work the next day.  

We finished off our evening with a delicious desert for two; warm zeppoles topped with smooth cannoli cream and chocolate sauce. The 5 zeppoles were crisp on the outside with soft, warm centers. What a perfect way to end an excellent dining experience! Our bill came out to approximately $70. It was worth every penny. However, Angelo’s does not accept credit cards. So be sure to bring enough cash. Also remember to BYOB, if you’d like liquor with your meal. Angelo’s Trattoria is located at 4 north Main St. in Harriman.

Kristin Repicky is the office manager at Hudson Valley Life magazine. In addition to her husband, their 7-month old daughter, Emma, came along for the dining experience. She also had a great time, even though she’s not eating much solid food yet.

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