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Doc’s in Kent is a classic trattoria

Posted: Monday, September 06, 2010

To cap off our day in Kent, Ct. (see “Cool Places,”), we headed over to Doc’s. After a little internet research, my partner Stephanie chose this establishment based on a set of criteria that was not exactly clear to me—something to do with a “modern” menu. In the parking area we came across a local family also heading to the restaurant. I took that as a good sign in a town with a lot of tourism.


    We arrived at around 6pm on a Sunday and there were no more tables on the screened and covered patio, so we were seated at a window table snuggled in a corner to the left of the bar area. The dark interior was a pleasant contrast to the intermittent bright sun experienced during an afternoon of exploring the town.

We started off with two classic appetizers, an antipasto and a shrimp cocktail. The antipasto rustico included dry sausage & proscuitto di parma and was served with a variety of imported cheeses & olives. It was done well, with quality meats and a bonus sun-dried tomato that got in there somehow.


    The shrimp in the cocktail di gamberoni was fresh and flavorful, cooked just right, not tough and not soft, and the cocktail sauce was spot on—all in all, as near perfect as you can get with this ubiquitous trattoria offering.


     My partner Steph ordered the caprini, a 12" brick oven pizza made with goat cheese, caramelized onion, olive oil, and oregano. If you asked her during dinner whether she loved me or the pizza more, it would have likely been a toss up. With prime ingredients, the key becomes the crust, which here was the correct balance, with an overall crispness but still having some of the chew of a more traditional crust. Perfect.


    Although the risotto dishes were tempting, after a day of wandering I went with what I figured to be a more stick to the ribs entrée and chose the rigatoni alla bolognese, a pasta served with meat sauce, peas, and romano cheese. The pasta was cooked firm, the meat sauce was indeed hearty, and I gave most of the peas to Steph and Mack. It came with a house salad and dressing that consisted of fresh, crisp Romaine and a simple oil and vinegar mix.


    After consuming a large chocolate cookie, a macaroon, a large (two flavor) sorbet, a chocolate ice cream, artisanal chocolate candy, and several sweetened beverages before dinner, dessert was not really an option for the evening. I’ve been to too many trattorias that seem to have a hard time getting the basic dishes right. At Doc’s, they hit the perfect note almost every time. Dinner for two, with two appetizers, two main entrees, a glass of red wine and a bottle of San Pelegrino, no dessert, was $78 with tip.

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