Fabulous fare at Capri

Author: Leslie Cortes
Posted: Friday, April 30, 2010

As a resident of Newburgh for just over a year, it recently dawned on me that I am missing the boat when it comes to checking out the city’s many restaurants. My wonderfully adventurous partner and I decided to remedy this by eating our way up and down Broadway over the next few months. We began with

Capri Restaurant and Pizzeria located at 410 Broadway. It was a good place to start our mission. The restaurant is warm and inviting, and the beautifully set tables give it an upscale feel.


I happen to like a clean, well-lighted place and this fit the bill. We were seated immediately and our waitress was soon to follow. She was friendly, knew the menu and even made a recommendation, suggesting we try the Garlic Bread Appetizer Special. We paired this with a cold antipasto plate and a glass of Merlot.


She was right on the money with the garlic bread, which featured thinly sliced eggplant covered in provolone. The bread had the perfect texture, the eggplant was not overpowering, and the whole thing came together as one of my favorite dishes of the evening. Listen to the wait staff, they know what they’re talking about!


The antipasto tray was big enough for the two of us and we dove right in. There was a pile of roasted red peppers smack in the middle of a tray piled with cheeses, meats, and olives. The waitress brought out balsamic vinegar and olive oil, but it really did not need the topping. It was delicious on its own.


After we had eaten our fill of super garlic bread and antipasto we both opted for the chicken and escarole soup. The broth was clear with a light flavor and featured chunks of chicken and fresh escarole as well as some sort of mild cheese.


With the soup finished, our waitress quickly cleared the table and served our entrees. Johnny ordered the Tortellini al Domitoro and I chose the lasagna. The portions were huge and we did our best to put a dent into what we were served. The tortellini had big slices of fresh garlic that had been sautéed into the sauce along with a mild sausage and fresh tomato. My partner is a garlic lover and he was quite happy, declaring it superior. The sauce was not too oily and the tortellini was tender.


My lasagna was dense and loaded with good stuff. The bottom started off with a meat sauce and layers had fresh cheese, basil, and homemade sauce. The portion was so big it looked like I did not even touch it when I was finished. We could not leave without dessert, however. My partner had a desire for ice cream and he ended up with a Neopolitan sundae with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. They were generous with the maraschino cherries, too. Johnny tells me that this was a success as well. We left Capri well satisfied and loaded down with leftovers


I would recommend this eatery to anyone. The prices are reasonable; the service is prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable. And the food is scrumptious. Need I say more? Go to Capri. You won’t be disappointed.

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