Christine’s on Broadway serves up great BBQ

Author: By Leslie Cortes
Posted: Friday, May 22, 2009
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My kids and I decided we were hungry for barbecue the other day and set out on our quest for a delicious meal. We found one at Christine’s on Broadway in Newburgh. It is a fairly new establishment on Broadway. The decor is simple and modern with some great twists from the forties. The framed posters on the wall celebrates the jazz era. My son remarked about the cool jazz singer and player salt & pepper shakers on the table. A decent mix of music played in the background while we ate.

Christine’s has a neat little set-up for ordering. You come in and place your order right at the counter on the right and then choose your seat in the dining room to the left. We ordered a plethora of food and managed to eat only about half. My older son, the rib fan, ordered the half platter with a side of mashed potatoes. He proclaimed them a rousing success. Tender and succulent, he did not leave anything behind. That is his true testimony to the quality of the food.

My younger son was the real chow-hound. He ordered a regular salad with ranch dressing, barbecued wings and lemonade. The salad was huge with long pieces of shredded carrot, big chunks of tomato and a nice mix of romaine and red leaf lettuce. The salad was fresh and crunchy and he managed to eat most of it.

He tells me that the meat on the wings was fall-off-the-bone tender and juicy. They were thick with sauce and sticky too. We definately went through our quota of napkins with this meal. After consuming most of his chicken wings and salad, he decided to have a little dessert as well. Bread pudding was his sweet of choice.

After the order was placed, he decided he was full and so the owner graciously packed up a very generous (it fed 3 of us later) portion of the pudding and even included some whipped cream in a separate container for him. My meal consisted of something I feel compelled to try at every barbecue place I go, pulled pork. It is my hands-down favorite, and I was not disappointed. I was given a generous portion of the pork on top of toasted bread.

I ordered the half platter which entitled me to one side also. I went with another favorite of mine, the string beans. I have never had string beans quite like these. They were sauteed in butter, seasoned with some pepper and had some small bites of potato mixed in. I thought they were cooked perfectly. The string beans were a little crunchy and a little soft...right up my alley.

I also ordered some take-out for my husband who was unable to join us. A smothered pork chop with macaroni and cheese was waiting for him when he got home. He was delighted with this “home cooked” meal. I had the chance to try the macaroni and cheese and boy was it good. I don’t know how you can beat homemade mac and cheese with it’s delightful crunch on top and smooth creamy inside.

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